Combine/join search results

Need help: want to find a way to join search results we get from multi_search api.

I want to have multiple queries, each of them related with a different search field, want to join the result.


Hey there JyL,

Wondering where you're at with this, now?

App Search should return the objects that you need.

How you assemble those objects on the front-end is mostly up to you.

Can you provide some more information on what you're trying to do? I might be able to provide a more helpful answer.


Hi Kellen,

I was trying to use the multi-search api which allow me to have several separate queries, each of them search on a set of search fields, and I tried this on postman which hit the app search engine. The respond is an object, however it gives me separate results, each corresponds to one query in the POST body.

what I want is a joined / combined result that match all the queries.

A similar scenario will be like a university e-library database, and people want to find reference (papers/ articles /books) in the library database, they could have several queries contains in different fields, will be author name / title / article body, etc.

Could you give me some suggestion on that?


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