Question: multiple fields search, separate searches in single query

Hey guys,
I am pretty new to elastic app search. I am facing problem with how to do an advanced search in different field within a query.
So for example, I have an object Ojb, and it has multiple fields that I want to do individual searches on. Ojb(field1, field2, field3, field4).
I want to have searchFields has all of the 4 fields that I would like to search, and in the query string, I want to have for example "f1query, f2query, f3query, f4query", and each of the query in this string will do search in corresponding fields, e.g. f1query search in field1.
Those f1query / f2query/... could be null if I don't want to search anything on that field. For example the query might look like "f1query,,,f4query" which means I only want to search on the 1st and 4th fields.

Could you guys give me some suggestion on how to do this?
I really appreciate your help!!


If I'm reading your question correctly, I believe our multi search endpoint is the right approach. You'd want each of those to be a new query in the list you submit to that endpoint. Here are the docs:


Thanks Quin!
I do want to have multiple queries in a single search request, and I would like to confirm that with multi search endpoint, I could have those multiple queries each search in corresponding search field, right?


Yes, that should work well.

thanks very much Quin, I will have a look at how to use that!

Hey Quin,
I am wondering if the limitation for the number of queries could be extended, more than 10.



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