App Search UI: Get Limit


I have a probably simple question. We are using app search search ui. But when we start a search with a text abstract we get a "Query is too long (maximum is 128 characters)" error. How and where can we increase the limit


Hi @matip

You can find these limits documented here: Limits | Elastic App Search Documentation [8.2] | Elastic

You can change this limit in your enterprise-search.yml with the setting:

app_search.engine.query.limit: 128 

However, do note that these limits exist for a reason. You may instead want to focus on trimming your query down to just relevant keywords, rather than passing on large search terms.

Hey @matip,

Im also curious why your query is very long. Could you share an example of a long query? As sean said, would be good to pull out keywords and using them in your query instead plus you can use filters param in conjunction with query to refine your results.


Thank you @Sean_Story for the pointer.

Hi @joemcelroy ,

I do understand your question but I am afraid the answer is not really satisfying. The customer just wants to insert a complete abstracts from a document and then find the document. We actually use the facets and filters to a great extend. And finding the document by using filters is probably two klicks.

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