Maximum character limit in a Query

I'm new to the elk, and i have installed the self-managed appsearch.
And i need to make querys with more then 128 characters, how do i raise that limit?

Hi @joao_Dubas. To my knowledge, there is currently no way to increase this limit, unfortunately.

I'm curious though, what sort of queries are you making that require more than 128 characters?

Hi @JasonStoltz, thanks for the reply.
I'm with a project to optimization of a shop, who recive the descrition of a product, and have to offer the best offer in they database, but they recive like 5000 of descriptions and they have to analise one by one.
And some of the descriptions have more than 128 charatceres

@joao_Dubas I understand. I would think you could still get good results with only 128 characters of the description.

I'd truncate the description down to 128 characters before querying, making sure not to include any partial words. Meaning, if you truncate the string to 128 characters, and that would break a word like "product" into "pro", then be sure to drop the entire word.

You could also drop common stop words for your particular language, like "and", "or", "the", etc., since those will be ignored by your language analyzer anyway.

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