App search won't start on port 3002

hi everyone, I'm kinda new to Elasticsearch and I'm seeking some help.
so, i installed the elk stack and enterprise search in hopes of using the app search. Accessing app search through kibana is a lot of trouble makes my PC lag and eventually freezes completely that's why i wanted to access app search through its own port 3002 but then when i access it i only find the elastic workplace search and no sigh of app search but i never changed any of the default config of enterprise-search, what may be the problem?

I'm using jdk 11 running elastic on Ubuntu 20.04 as dual boot and gave it 250go of memory and my PC has 8 of RAM.

help please, this could save my life literally :slight_smile:

Which version of Enterprise Search are you running? App Search is only available within Kibana after 8.0.

Thank you for your answer i didn't know that, I use 8.1 that must be the issue but I figured out everything so thank you!!!

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