Apply a lowercase on indexed data

(Melvyn Peignon) #1

I have indexed documents in my elasticsearch. A sample document look like this:

    "_index": "processed_tweets",
    "_type": "processed",
    "_id": "830403820580663296",
    "_score": 1,
    "_source": {
      "at": [
      "original_tweet_id": "830398288352403457",
      "id_str": "830403820580663296",
      "trigrams": [
        "blessed lourdes lady",
        "lourdes lady feast",
        "lady feast day",
        "feast day wishing"
      "hashtags": [
      "id_tweet_creator": "487735029",
      "tokens": [
      "bigrams": [
        "blessed lourdes",
        "lourdes lady",
        "lady feast",
        "feast day",
        "day wishing"
      "retweeted": true

I would like to lowercase all the hashtags present in the field "hashtags" for all the document I have indexed. For example I would have: "hashtags": ["#Catholic"] -> "hashtags": ["#catholic"] What is the best way (lesss time consumming) to update every keywords to their lowercase equivalent (conserving the "#")?

(Mark Walkom) #2

You will need to use the reindex API and build your own analyser to lowercase things.

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