Apply license to 6.3 causes security exception


I've deployed a new ElasicSearch 6.3 cluster with Kibana. All works fine until I apply the production license to turn on the SSL features, then the cluster refuses to talk to itself and anyone. The method work fine with version 6.2.4. Is anyone aware of differences configuring the cluster for SSL in version 6.3? Do I need a new license to match version 6.3?


Can you please describe the behavior you are seeing and the errors that get printed in the logs ? This is a little too generic to get us going.

How do you go about doing so?

There is a known bug in Elasticsearch 6.3.0, that prevents nodes from joining the cluster when a gold or platinum license is configured. This bug will be fixed in the 6.3.1 release.

See the warning in the documentation for a workaround:

Clusters with a Gold or Platinum license that are upgrading to 6.3 will need to explicitly set true in elasticsearch.yml to upgrade successfully. If this value is not set, the cluster will be unable to form after upgrade.

Thanks to Magnus, I've now managed to get it to work. I set the true in elasticsearch.yml. Then after it started I had to apply the platinum license before the cluster was using TLS and Kibana could connect

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