Approaches to run metricbeat

Hello. I'm trying to set up metricbeat to monitor metrics from cloudwatch. I mean, I wanna send some metrics (ec2, rds, s3 ) from cloudwatch to ELK. I take a look to functionbeat but it's just for CW logs. So, the right tool is metricbeat. We're running ELK on Elastic Cloud-managed infrastructure. So, I just need to set up the data shipper.
The obvious approach is to create a metricbeat agent ( ec2 server) to query the data from CW API and sends it to Kibana. My doubt is. There is another way/approach to achieve this? IDK some lambda function or another tool like metricbeat to write a code/function that gets the same result that metricbeat? Thank you so much.

Approaches to run metricbeat


There is a specific Metricbeat module for AWS:


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