AppSearch inclusive upper bounds range query

Is there any way to perform an inclusive upper bounds range query on a date(lte in ES)? I tried to use an all with an array on the date, but AS doesn't like this.

all: [
      primary_date: [
          to: date


 App Search Error:  [
  'Filters contains invalid value for field: ' +
  'primary_date; must be a date (RFC 3339), an ' +
  'array of dates, or a range object with `to` and/or ' +
  '`from` keys'

Is there anyway I can achieve this behavior in AppSearch? Since it using ES under the hood, I would expect this to be available. This becomes even more important when you consider AppSearch date precision limits.

The only way I have been able to get this working is to nest an "any" in an "all"

all: [{
    any: [
      { primary_date: { to: date } },
      { primary_date: date }

I am still interested to see if there is another or better way to do this.

That's not currently possible, to my knowledge. Your workaround may be the only solution.

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