AppSearch Peformance - Out of the Box - SLOW

I have been working to evaluate AppSearch -- even have Support Tickets out, but getting no response.
VERY simple case -- i loaded only half of our available data set -- 2 Million simple documents that contain about 14 fields.
Like i said, this is plain jane, vanilla system and testing -- nothing special. I know the systems I have built before the response is in the hundreds of milliseconds. Is this all an AppSearch issue?

When i go into the Reference UI or even the Query Tester and run any query it always takes between 4-15 seconds to respond.
Currently running this on M5D systems (4GB of memory). Watching the performance and looking at the various performance elements, the CPU NEVER breaks 50%, even when i run many queries. The Response Time spikes are clearly visible. There seems to be about 1500 Search Requests over each 5 minute period -- Even when I am NOT connected and issuing queries.

Really starting to have significant doubts in this and really not getting any response from Support.

Is anyone else facing these type of issues?

Sounds like you had a pretty frustrating experience - I'd like to try and help. Would you be able to link your support issues that went unanswered?

Thank you for getting back to me. I spent an hour on the phone with Tech Support and we walked through the situation and evaluated things. In the end, I have provided a dataset to see if the issue can be recreated.
Hopefully in the next day or so we have a conclusion to whether it is a hosting or some other type of issue.

Ok great, I'm happy that you're being helped! A simple query taking 4-15 seconds certainly doesn't sound right to me. The engineering team should get to the bottom of it.

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