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I am planning to ingest 2500-3000 EPS per day with three-month retention. I calculated approximately I need 60-80TB for that retention rate. I intend to have 2 Elasticsearch nodes, maybe 3. Do you have any advice or recommended architectures I can apply for my case ? Thanks

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The amount of data you can store on an Elasticsearch node often comes down to how efficiently you can optimise heap usage. There are quite a few different things that consume heap space, e.g. indexing, querying, field data and shard overhead, and you need to find a balance that works for your use case.

I would recommend looking at this Elastic{ON} talk and read this blog post around shards and sharding to get a better idea about how to correctly size the system. Having said that, I doubt you will be able to handle the data volumes you mentioned on a cluster that size, especially as the nodes will be indexing data as well as serving queries.

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