Archiving old records in elastic search

Hi ,

I am new to elastic search. I am using elastic search to persist order related data. My requirement is archive all completed orders after a certain period of time. For example if an ecomm order is completed, I want to archive those completed orders after 7 days. Is there any built in mechanism for Elastic search to support this? This is a conditional archiving. All order related data are present in one index. I mean i have only one index to keep order related data.

Archive it how, to what?

Archive to a new index.

Why? Use time based indices instead.

The problem is I am using elastic search to persist order related data of entire ecom site. I have only one index. As I described earlier, I need to archive only orders which are completed(archiving based on condition).

You would have to build this yourself, ES doesn't provide this level of functionality.

I'd still use time based indices, then store each transaction as a record.