Are document_types still a thing?

I'm just starting with swiftype and Elasticsearch (are they really the same now?). And I followed the instructions here to add document types to my engine, so I could bulk-upload documents that way.

Its not clear to me that it worked however, and I don't see any references to 'document_types' in my swiftype dashboard. Neither can I get the api call to work showing me document_types in my engine, and nor can I find a way to add documents to a particular document_type using the Documents API.

So either I'm missing something, or doing it wrong (very likely) or is the current documentation at odds with the old? Something which makes me wonder that is that I can't get either of my swiftype api keys (public or private) to work with the call to display existing document_types:

curl -X GET ''

This is documented here.

Any help and advice would be much welcomed. I like the idea of document_types for my data, but I'm unsure if they exist...


I have moved your post from the elasticsearch forum to the site search one.

Swiftype Site Search is a product built on top of Elasticsearch, but Site Search has its own API, and it is not the same as the Elasticsearch API.

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