App Search vs Site Search?


I see two different sets of API documentation here one under site-search the other under app-search:

They seem to be quite different in their syntax and execution and doesn't seem interchangeable.. what's the difference?
Are these for two different flavors of Switype or is one the newer version and the other legacy?

Any answers on this will greatly help. Thank you.

Documentation that you see at is for Site Search and a legacy version of App Search.

Documentation for the current version of App Search, offered by Elastic, is now located here: Elastic App Search Documentation [7.12] | Elastic.

Site Search and App Search are two different products, though you can accomplish similar things. Site Search crawls and indexes the data on your website to provide an easy, out of the box search experience. With App Search, you make API requests to index data and create a searchable document database. You'd normally do that if the source you want to search is not a website.

Elastic App Search is the newest product in this space: Elastic App Search: Advanced Search Made Simple | Elastic

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