What's the difference between Elastic App Search and Elastic Site Search

Hello guys, may I ask a silly question, what's the difference between Elastic App Search and Elastic Site Search? When I create an instance in elastic cloud, I could only use the service of elasticsearch and elastic app search. But as the official website said, there's a service called elastic site search. I am so confused with that...

Site search will crawl websites. So nothing to do on your side to have a search engine for your website.
For App Search you need to send data to it from your own application.

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Thanks for your question, @DickyKwok! And thanks for the answer, @dadoonet!

To elaborate a little more, there are two differences that are relevant here: how documents are ingested, and where App and Site Search are available.

As David said, Site Search is focused around ingesting documents via a crawler - simply enter your website, and documents are ingested in your engine and updated over time. App Search, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive set of APIs, which is how you'd ingest documents. The confusion is understandable though! Site Search has some API endpoints, though App Search's endpoints are more robust.

In general, App Search is a great choice if you're comfortable coding, and Site Search if you're not.

In terms of availability — Site Search can be found on Swiftype.com, which is where it's hosted. Although App Search can be found there too, we recommend using it via Elastic Cloud. It's most easily available on Elastic Cloud's hosted service.

Hope that helps!

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