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We understand, The Elastic AppSearch is a SAAS, that works on top of Elastic Search. Are all features offered in Elasticsearch part of Elastic App Search ? Is there any off limits or restrictions with Elastic App Search, which is not the case with Elastic Search ?

Hi Sudharsanam,

Thanks for your question! App Search is built on top of Elasticsearch, but rather than thinking of it as an extension, treating it as a separate product. (Which it is!)

App Search is built around the application search use-case (i.e. adding search to your apps or websites): it provides a lot of tooling to make that easier, including easy ingestion and content management, pre-built optimizations around the kind of search end-users would expect in a search bar, and tools to help tune relevance.

Those easy-to-use tools and optimizations do mean that some Elasticsearch features aren't available. But it's probably more helpful to start with what you want to accomplish, and see if App Search can help you get there faster — and of course, if not, Elasticsearch is always an option too :slight_smile:.

App Search's documentation will have more info about what App Search can provide, to help you make a decision!

Hope that helps,

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