What is the difference between Swiftype App Search and Elastic Enterprise Search (app search)?

What is the difference between using Swiftype app search and using Elastic Enterprise Search (app search) ? It seems they both using the same app search console, and both have very similar documentation, I can only see the difference in pricing model.

It seems Elastic Enterprise Search is far cheaper to me, but what is the advantage and disadvantage using Elastic Enterprise Search and Swiftype App Search ?


It's the same project. Elastic Enterprise Search (App Search) is the new name.

Thanks for adding clarity, @dadoonet! To further expound on David's answer:

  • Swiftype App Search represents the original App Search product, only available via a subscription at Swiftype.com. While this version of App Search is usable and stable, it no longer receives product development beyond bug fixing and general maintenance.

  • Elastic Enterprise Search is a solution that contains both Elastic App Search and Elastic Workplace Search, and is available as a download or deployable on Elastic Cloud. In addition to taking advantage of Elastic Cloud's resource-based pricing, Elastic Enterprise Search is also the focus of all new product development.

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