Work with synonyms via API

I'm looking for a way to work with synonyms via API.
We need to fetch the list of synonyms and provide it to another endpoint.

I was able to find only this doc

but it looks outdated.

Is there a way to access synonyms via API?


Hi @Nadiia,

Can you clarify, are you using Swiftype Site Search, Swiftype App Search, or Elastic App Search?

If you are using Swiftype Site Search ( then there is not an API for working with synonyms, unfortunately.

If you are using Swiftype App Search, you've got the correct link to the documentation there, but you are right that it is "outdated" - I suggest you update to Elastic App Search.

If you are using Elastic App Search, the documentation you are looking for is here: Synonyms API | Elastic App Search Documentation [7.13] | Elastic

Hope that helps!

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