Are "prettier" Canvas URLs available?

When I create a Canvas workpad to share with others, I currently get a link like this:


The ID in there is large and clunky and becomes invalid if I have to export/import my workpad (I sometimes do that to manually fix issues with alignment).

For good old dashboards we had the option to use the title in the url like this:


This was very useful, and could also be combined with parameters like the embed=true for true fullscreen viewing:


I would also be happy to manually override the ID as stored in the json export - however that workaround doesn't work, as Kibana generates a new id on import.

Does anyone have ideas on overriding the id (possibly without modifying the doc in the .kibana index) or available short-urls?

Hey @BennyInc,

Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to do this today in Canvas. I agree that this would be a super useful feature, please log this as an enhancement request on the kibana github repo.

Thanks, I opened it:

And while browsing I just noticed that filterGroups are now available -- love the rapid development with which Canvas is getting improved :slight_smile:

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