Are there any limits to the number of snapshot repositories?


I'm looking to backup a lot of historical indices, for now and going into the future, we have two a day going back till 2010. For our use case we'd like to set the base_path per index, this means that we'll need to configure over 10k repositories. Are there any limits to the number of repositories, or is it ok to scale these?

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I'm not sure if there is a hard limit on the number of repositories as this is not well documented, or at least I couldn't find anything about it.

But having a lot of repositories means that you will have a lot of snapshots which can give you some issues, specially while listing the snapshots on Kibana.

What is the logic behind having a base_path per index? This looks like a nightmare to manage.

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We have a system in place that can manage the snapshots. The reason to have a base_path is so we can move the snapshot to glacier as per this question Is it possible to move a one time snapshot to Glacier?

Which should be ok to do providing we don't alter the files on that path. The easiest way to seperate this is to have a repository per index. Providing that there aren't any limits on the number of repositories and the snapshot api continues to work in the same way.

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