Are there any tools to facilitate changing a mapping?

I have to modify an index mapping and I feel like when doing this in the past it feels more difficult and error-prone than it should be. Specifically I have to modify a geopoint field. I'm going to use a json text editor and then delete the existing mapping and then update to the new mapping, using the console in kibana. But editing mappings really requires a lot of care because of the json nesting ... I guess I should copy the existing mapping, then modify it and post it back to the server? are there any tools that facilitate this process? thanks

then delete the existing mapping

Unfortunately, while we can delete a mapping template, we can't actually delete mappings themselves [1]; this is because a mapping is the thing that binds all of our data together, and without it, Elasticsearch wouldn't know how to apply a new mapping to the bits that are distributed across our cluster so deleting a mapping is effectively the same as deleting all of the data in an index :weary:.

There are two paths forward, depending on whether or not downtime is acceptable.

  • If you can stop your input stream, the Elasticsearch _reindex API may be a great option; it effectively copies all documents from one index to another previously configured index, optionally transforming each document with a script; after deleting the old index, you can then add an Index Alias if necessary.
  • Otherwise, you may need to do a phased migration; since we can add fields to an existing index, we can dual-write the new representation to a new field alongside the existing old field, migrate the existing data, then update our application to just use the new field instead.

The phases look something like this:

starting state

we start in a state where applications are using field foo, but the mappings are insufficient for future use

prep phase

  • index template updated to add new mapping bar
  • existing indexes updated to add new mapping bar
  • applications configured to dual-write to foo and new mapping bar

at this point, our applications are still reading from foo, but new data is being persisted to both foo and bar

migration phase

  • Logstash, Elasticsearch _update_by_query API, or some other tool iterates over all documents, reading from foo, transforming and persisting field bar that has our new mapping

at this point, our applications are still reading from foo, but data has also been fully migrated to bar

end phase

  • applications updated to read from bar
  • applications updated to stop dual-writing to foo, and only write to bar

at this point, we're fully using the new field bar, but there's a little cleanup left

post-migration cleanup

  • index templates updated to remove mapping foo (this means new indices will never create the foo field)
  • optionally, sweep through existing indices to unset foo since it is no longer used

Thanks very much, this helps alot.

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