Are these reasonable/expected metrics for an idle cluster?

For an idle 3-node cluster (7.17.4), where all nodes are masters, i.e. listed under initial_master_nodes, is it normal that:

  1. Documents merged rate, red-bordered on the image below, would be on the order of 1000/s on an idle cluster?
  2. Query time would be zero on only one of the nodes? On the image, this would be node es2 before and es0 after the switch, pointed at with the left white arrow. (This metric is from Prometheus' elasticsearch_indices_search_query_time_seconds.)

One of the nodes, es0, a Kibana (7.17.4) is also running. Is perhaps Query time rising Kibana's doing?

All of these shots are from Grafana Cloud-provided 'ES integration'. Full PromQL queries for Documents merged rate panel is


and for Query time panel.


The indexes, and documents within them, are identical between 'now' and the start of the graphs, 24 h ago:

curl ''
health status index                           uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green  open   .geoip_databases                WjiXjTDRRy-qZgMnzGSGWQ   1   1         40           37     76.3mb         38.2mb
green  open   .apm-custom-link                Dg7gUbajRzOsJ8Z64zOLxw   1   1          0            0       452b           226b
green  open   .apm-agent-configuration        j0GCAZShRgGURj-y9x7ORw   1   1          0            0       452b           226b
green  open   .kibana_task_manager_7.17.4_001 QevcCzDMTbCrjroEx0GF9A   1   1         17        66376     25.8mb           13mb
green  open   .kibana_7.17.4_001              LCSPjV-3SnSI1Y9QHAWBZA   1   1         17            1      4.7mb          2.3mb
green  open   my-custom-index-2022-06-01      oHmNTGXhS-S4bPBMbh8wEQ   3   2          1            0       23kb          7.6kb
green  open   my-custom-index-2022-06-06      E4PlsGbKR-2hL1G2cyqj8Q   3   2          1            0       23kb          7.6kb

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