Area chart can't read X-Axis config

Hi all
I create a area chart, but there are something wrong.

pls help~

You might only be matching a single document, which would cause only one point to show and create an empty area. Try zooming out and removing the _type:20170116 filter from the query bar

Thanks for your reply.
I also think about that, but it did not work after removed the query.

Today I change the X-Axis as following pic

I'm confusing~~

in this case you are using term split for your x axis .... if you want to plot time based data you probably want date histogram for your X axis. But then you must make sure your time picker in the top right corner has a correct time range selected (where you actually have data)

area chart can only be drawn once we have two points .... you can first try to play with vertical bar chart, as it can be plotted even with just one data point.

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