ArrayFiled Split Plugin issue

Hi all,

JSON Response:
"data":[{"pttle":"Logout","respt":21143.5,"avail":1,"mtime":1502978400000},{"pttle":"Submit External Consultant Request","respt":105,"avail":1,"mtime":1502978400000},{"pttle":"Authentication Page","respt":38967,"avail":1,"mtime":1502978400000},{"pttle":"Navigate to BPA Site","respt":1550.5,"avail":1,"mtime":1502978400000}]

JSON response at each step has "pttle","respt","avail","mtime" and we have used split filter plugin to create separate events for each event. But when I try to create a visualization is Kibana, I get the data for only one event.
When I go to Discover, I can see data but as a separate event.

split {
arrayField => "results"

Which filter plugin needs to be used to split data so that I can create Line chart for Avail and Response time for each step.


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