ASCII Folding not working

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Hi guys, I'm at the point where docuements are successfully indexing, but asciifolding does not seem to be taking effect. If you wouldn't mind, please take a look at my settings, mapping and query.

        settings: {
          analysis: {
            filter: {
              min_eng: {
                type: 'stemmer',
                name: 'english',
                // name: 'minimal_english',
            analyzer: {
              sensible_analyzer: {
                tokenizer: 'standard',
                filter: [

.. mapping:

      type: String,
      required: true,
      es_indexed: true,
      analyzer: 'sensible_analyzer',
      search_analyzer: 'sensible_analyzer',
and finally my simple query: 
  multi_match: {
    query: this.query.q,
    fields: ['title', ''],
    cutoff_frequency: 0.0007, //

And so.. If I query for 'andré' with this setup, I receive results containing 'André', but if I omit the 'é' and just search 'andre' or 'Andre', I get no results. 
Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

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