Ask for best practice how to add new plugin analyzer to existing index (new field)

(ES 7.15)

Hi teams,

For custom analyzer (defined in Index setting as json format) , I saw there were 2 best practices:

  1. If want to add a new custom analyzer to existing index, need to close/re-open this index.
  2. If there's no new analyzer introduced, we can add a new field with existing analyzer online, without closing the index.

On the other side, I can't find such best practice how to add a plugin analyzer to an existing index.

My question is for a new analyzer plugin, after we deploy it to all nodes and make sure all nodes are restarted with this plugin, do we still need to close and re-open existing indices ? or we can directly add a new field with this new analyzer in existing index after the whole ES cluster restarted.

Appreciate for your suggestions/ comments! Thanks.


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