Asking About Dashboard In Kibana


I want to know how packetloss works on the kibana dashboard? if I use the system module, will packet loss display data? i always get 0 packetloss and i once tried to shut down one of my vm to try to get the packetloss, i changed the time range when my vm was shut down but still, i still get 0 packetloss in my kibana dashboard

and I want to ask about disk usage, what's the difference between this disk usage?

and how to use disk io? i already uncomment in system.yml configuration but still now showing data.

Hi @Tw1cUser,

I assume you are using Metricbeat to capture the packetloss and and disk metrics. Which fields specifically are you visualizing?

i want visualizing the system, then i use system module, but after i try to shutdown the server, and turn in back on, the packeloss still 0, i already set time back when i shutdown the server

Ok, are you using I see from the docs that this value is reported as 0 on Darwin and BSD which could be an issue.

in system.yaml im not using, should i use that if i want visualization the packetloss?

What fields are you using in your system.yaml. Are you able to share a snippet?

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