Astronomy Sky Maps for Kibana

Is it possible to add astronomical maps from google sky or Microsoft WorldWide Telescope to kibana. I know a lot of astronomers who are very interested in such a thing.

Hey @devansh_agarwal,

If any of the astronomical map services expose a Tile Map server or OSG-standard WMS, then the Maps application in Kibana can use it! Based on some quick searching, it doesn't appear that your two examples (google sky, MS World Wide Telescope) offer these, but I could have easily missed something.

/cc @thomasneirynck in case you're aware of something in the community that I'm not :slight_smile:


@Larry_Gregory is correct, if the service supports WMS, we can pull it in Kibana.

The challenge I think you'll run into is that sky maps are not in a geo-referenced (I might be wrong). I think the spatial reference is the position of the celestial objects in the sky, and not their relative position on the earth.

That said, people do bring in non geo-referenced data on the map. The "Tile map service from URL" might be more useful thre, as long as the sky-map can be accessed with a URL with X/Y/Z tile parameters.

There are a couple of considerations to take into account:

  • domain needs to be in [-180,180] for longitude and [-90,90] for latitude (presumable celestial objects use such an angular coordinate system).
  • the tile-service sky-map needs to be projected with a web mercator projection
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Hi @thomasneirynck @Larry_Gregory,

Thanks for the quick reply. None of the above mentioned maps have tile services. I guess we would have to create our own tiles and host it on a server.

Thanks again.

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