Async Replication across Clusters in separate Data Center's

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We are presently running ES v 2.4.1 so wanted to check, does that support Async replication across clusters or not ?
Currently we're loading data in all production clusters separately via. IIB.

What's the best solution to replicate data across clusters if ES doesn't support native master-master replication ?

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ES 2.x does not support cross data-center replication (nor does 5.x). We plan to release cross data-center replication functionality during the 6.x series as part of our X-Pack plugin.

Typically you would set something up like a message queue with consumers that send writes to both clusters.

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Thanks @jasontedor for quick response. Any ETA on GA version of 6.x series ?

Current write process is manual & IIB loads the data in each cluster separately. Problem is, we don't have Active-Active setup for IIB servers so where ES cluster is local to IIB servers, it takes us around an hour to load 3+ million records.
But ES cluster which is remote, takes us around 12+ hours to load the data there.

We are planning to leverage an ETL tool to automate this load process. It will resolve manual vs. automated problem but we will still have an issue with loading data in remote ES cluster.

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Sorry, as a matter of policy we do not provide release dates nor release estimates.

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Ok, no problem. Thanks for the information though.

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