Asynchronous Reindex request in ElasticSearch 6.3 is not working

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Hello Guys,
I have been trying this code

 ReindexRequestBuilder builder = ReindexAction.INSTANCE.newRequestBuilder(getClient())

        BulkByScrollResponse response = builder.get();

        System.out.println("Task is in process");

Actually I wanted to run this reindex task Asynchronously, I have gone through the docs also in the latest version we can see reindex has different methods for synchronous and asynchronous, but as I am using ElasticSearch 6.3 you can see the last line i.e "Task is in process" is getting the control after reindex is complete. Also I need to track this task with TaskApi, but its not possible I am getting empty tasklist.

Can anyone please help.

Thanks in advance.

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