Asynchronus message communication - spring boot AMQP stream on RabbitMQ

Hi Team, we plan to monitor RabbitMQ and the microservices that communicate with queues in asynchronus way. Going by the document there is APM server config details available for Rabbimq. However, going by some of the discussion there is no clarity yet whether AMP can be used to monitor queues based on Topics or Routing Keys. Can someone please confirm if this can be done now. Thanks

Hi @elk_novice ,

RabbitMQ is supported by the APM agent Java agent, thus instrumentation should work out of the box. From what I remember there is no difference if the messages are based on topics or routing keys, only the span/transaction naming will differ.

What the agent relies on is the API that is used to send/receive messages, not how the queues/topic are being set-up.

We hadn't had much feedback on RabbitMQ so far, thus do not hesitate to get back to us if anything does not work as expected or could be improved.

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Thank you so much for the info. Sure, we will try and share the outcome details.

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