Attach handlers for dynamic URIs in REST plugins

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I implement a REST plugin for ElasticSearch that provides a set of URI
to manage and search indices. I attached the supported URIs using the
RestController and this works fine.

I have however the issue of dynamic URIs depending on the structure of
types but I can't find a way to configure them. For example, for a type
that has a field named field1, I would like to support URI like
"(...)/mytype/id/field1" and "(...)/mytype/id/field1/fieldA" with a
pattern like "(...)/{type}/{id}/*". As a matter of fact, I can't know
the depth of URI elements after "(...)/{type}/{id}/" by advance since it
depends on the structure of type.

In fact I would need to attach handlers for URIs that starts with a
specific pattern. Is it something supported?

Thanks for your help.

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