AuditBeat And Oracle Linux

(Murat çelebi) #1


Is there any plan to make Auditbeat work Oracle Linux ?
As far as I have seen it is not certified right now.

Thank you.

(Christoph Wurm) #2

@Murat_Celebi We don't have any plans at the moment of officially supporting it. What doesn't work?

(Murat çelebi) #3

Hi @cwurm,

When we try to start Auditbeat service we are getting the below error.

2019-05-24T01:34:25.320+0300 INFO instance/beat.go:359 auditbeat stopped.
2019-05-24T01:34:25.322+0300 ERROR instance/beat.go:906 Exiting: 1 error: 1 error: this metricset does not support OS family

(Christoph Wurm) #4

Ah yes, sorry about that unclear error message. You can circumvent it by commenting out the package dataset of the system module. We are already working on a fix.