Auditbeat system metric error

so we have a 6.7.1 es cluster. using auditbeat 6.7.1 i was able to run the kibana dashboard install with ./auditbeat setup. however it refuses to start because of no metricsets configured for system.

Someone else had this issue. I found any version of auditbeat 6.7.x i used didnt work, i had to download 6.6.2 to get system data ingested . (granted this is not supproted and some of the dashboard vizs didnt work but it was better than nothing)

was system metrics removed in 6.7.x for auditbeat?

So upgrading to auditbeat 6.8.0 makes system metrics work. With the exception of Linux Mint. which apparently there is already an issue for.

Hi @nt-josh, sorry for the troubles. Is Auditbeat now working for you?

If it is the issue in Github you link to (error message Exiting: 1 error: 1 error: this metricset does not support OS family) you can circumvent it by commenting out the package dataset of the system module. We are already working on a fix.

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