AuditBeat and PacketBeat generated data size for elasticsearch sizing

In order for me to plan my elasticsearch cluster volume size needs I calculated EPS and EDS values for filebeat , and winlogbeat by checking the number of lines in the logs. But I can't seem to find a way to calculate how much data auditbeat and packetbeat generate a day.So my question is how can I find how much data or lines auditbeat and packetbeat generate a day.

Hi @0x90 welcome to the community.

Great question and we get asked it often and I agree we should provide some guidelines.

However I do this everyday for customers and what I find is the amount of traffic generated depends a lot on the sources and what activities is going on on them.

What I would recommend is set up on a handful of sources 3-5 that represent what you want to capture and let it run for a few days or week.

Then you can look at the indexes how many documents and their sizes and do a much better estimation of what a large scale deployment would look like.

Hope that helps a bit even though not the simple answer you are probably looking for.

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