Authenticated webhook watcher integrations

I am trying to figure out a way to get a watcher webhook to authenticate with a Bearer Token style authentication, where a request with credentials is sent, a bearer token is received, and that bearer token can be used in a standard webhook post.

Is there a way to chain webhooks together such that I can use Watcher's webhook action to authenticate then post data?

you could use the chain input to do this. first retrieve the token, then use it in the action.

Where could/would I be able to store credential information? Would that have to be as plain text in the watch definition?

watcher has the possibility to store basic auth password information in an encrypted fashion (of the http input or a webhook action), when the watch is stored, but one cannot apply this to arbitrary fields.


To understand your reply fully, the idea would be to generate and install the encryption key then embed the credentials directly into watcher configuration.

Is that correct?


Actually, I think I understand now, using the keystores provided. I will investigate this.

the credentials would be part of the watch creation via the put watch API, but would be replaced before being stored.

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