Authentication and Accounts in ECE 2.0

I installed ECE 2.0 on Ubuntu Linux 18 and have some questions regarding authentication and logging in.

  • How do I change the password for the admin and readonly user accounts?

  • What is the user account to use for logging into Kibana? There is a Kibana end point to the ES logging cluster but I am not able to log into Kibana using the admin account.

  • The same goes for the Elasticsearch endpoint. Which account should I use to access the Elasticsearch cluster?

The script you used to install ECE has a reset option, check out the online reference docs for syntax

To get a password for the ES/Kibana of the Logging/Montoring cluster (or any cluster you create), go to the Security page and reset password. That will give you a new password for the elastic user. (Once in Kibana you can set up a multi user environment with different roles etc from the "management" page)

(Improved multi user experience in ECE, shared creds between ECE and it's clusters etc is all going to start rolling out with the 2.x minor releases)

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