ES and Kibana Endpoints Not Accessible

I have a cluster on ECE which runs on 1 availability zone. The end points for Elasticsearch and Kibana of the cluster are:

When I tried to access them from a remote client within the network, these end points were not accessible.

The ECE documentation addresses this issue for AWS by switching the address to the server's IP. I'm not sure if this can be applied to the above case?

Hi @Ong,

The example provided for AWS is meant to highlight that the default IP used is the internal one, which will not be accessible, and simply intruct users to set the external IP in order to access ECE user console, or Elasticsearch and Kibana.
If the remote client has access to the internal IP it should not be an issue. Are you able to access ECE user console from the same remote client? If you can it's not the same issue.

Please note that the end point you see in ECE user console is for the proxy, since the connection to Elasticsearch and Kibana is done via ECE proxy layer, so the client actually hits the proxy first and then it will redirect the request to the relevant Elasticsearch nodes, or Kibana instance.
You can read more about it in the ECE architecture page.

Hope this will help to better troubleshoot the issue.

Yes, I am able to access the ECE console page from the client's browser.

I followed the steps given in the ECE documentation to connect to the cluster but the Chrome browser kept on returning connection refused messages.
The steps are in Next Steps

I also checked the firewalld of the Linux servers and they have been disabled.

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