ECE Online Training

Hi I am having issues with the ECE online training, where I have been told to post the issue here.

Step 17 , fails to work so I can not access kibana.
I have rerun this process a few times.
I note after restart sometimes the IP Address changes so maybe something in that.

Help .

Hi @sparcs07

Can you link to the training you are doing? And for quickness give a quick outline of what step 17 is?

To your last point - i t is definitely the case that ECE installs require that the IP address be static - ECE will fail hard if it changes


An exercise shows us how to use Strigo to retrieve its Public IP Address
Then go to Platform > Settings
And replace / update Deployment endpoints
Save it

Then start Kibana

Deployments . my_cluster
Kibana > Launch

Which fails to connect

Note: I have ECE in Production so just rpelaying learning from course and so awate of how to set endpoint

EROR see

ERROR Seen :

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

Thanks for the extra info!

Quick background on what's supposed to be happening here ... any ECE host with the proxy role listens on port 9243. Assuming it's hostname or IP is HOST_OR_IP then the DNS name just resolves to HOST_OR_IP.

So the error means that the browser couldn't connect to, which could mean that the port in question (9243 or 443) is firewalled off from the browser, or some other connectivity issue in your network

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