ECE Fundamentals : Lesson 4 (Features) Proxy issue


I'm currently training through Elasticsearch learning center but I'm having trouble at the Lesson 4's lab. I was required to update my cluster from v7.17.1 to v8.1.0, this part went fine, but after that, everytime I tried to open Kibana, I met the same error : connection refused by proxy.

I tried rebooting Kibana, the cluster and the virtual machines themselves but this didn't solve the issue and I'm not keen to go on blind counter-measures in case I would messed up the whole lab environment.

What am I missing here? How can I troubleshoot this without compromising my progress please?

Good day,

Is it possible your Strigo environment went offline before you attempted lab 4? If so, you may want to try doing lab 3 step 11 again, as your public IP may have changed. Let me know if that helps!

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