Strigo Lab: Elastic and Kibana Not Running

I just started the Elasticsearch Engineer 2 on-demand training and loaded up the new Strigo machine. I can log in, obtain the public address, navigate to it, and see the instructions/index.html "Welcome to Elasticsearch Engineer 2" page.

Unfortunately, it seems like Elasticsearch and Kibana aren't running on that machine.

Search page: "Sorry, there is an internal problem. This search application cannot connect to Elasticsearch. Make sure Elasticsearch is running and listening on 'http://server1:9200'. Response Error: Error: No Living connections"

Kibana page: "502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.18.0"

I also had this same problem with the Elastic Engineer 1 training a few days ago.

The lab exercises are one of the main selling points for this training, and it's not cheap. I'm quite disappointed by these technical problems.

Hi bencody,
sorry to hear that you are having issues. Have you loaded the lab by running, for example ./load_lab 1?

BTW, if you want synchronous assistance, join us at, #training

Oh, my mistake. I just read that I have to start the ES and Kibana instances manually! :flushed:

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