Monitoring Web Server Metrics training: issue to connect to kibana


I follow the course " Monitoring Web Server Metrics" but i can't connect to Kibana and therefore cannot pursue the Lab and training.

I'm blocked in Lab 2 question 3. Could yo help me to setup Kibana. I don't know why this doesn't work

Thank you

Hi Thibaut,

Can you please try the following? Open a new terminal tab in the Strigo virtual lab environment, and stop Kibana:

kill $(ps aux | grep '[k]ibana' | awk '{print $2}')

Next, start Kibana in the foreground:


And post the output here? (Just the output that's visibile in the terminal should be enough)

Hi Abdon,

I can't even connect to the lab now... Preparing workstation is displayed since 10 minutes.

Hi Thibaut,

I have restarted your VM. Hopefully you are able to access it now. You will now have to start with lab 2 from the beginning. I recommend running Elasticsearch and Kibana in the foreground.

Step 2, start Elasticsearch like this:


Step 3, open a new terminal and start Kibana like this:


If after that you are still unable to access Kibana, please post the output of the Kibana terminal here.

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Hi Abdon,

Still can't acces to the lab, same as the screenshot above.

Sorry about the problems you're experiencing. I have now completely replaced your lab environment with a new one. Could you try again to see if that has resolved the issue?

The lab is working but still can't access kibana. But the logs seems good :

But i got "This page isn't working" :

Nevermind, this a problem on my side, I need to open 5601

Thank you for your help

Yeah, I was just thinking the same. Glad you figured it out!

You could also run Kibana on a different port:

kibana/bin/kibana --port 8080

I made a request to open 5601

I tried to specify port 8080 but still can't connect to kibana...

Also is it normal to have this as bound_adresses? :

Yeah, that's not a problem, for Elasticsearch.

You could try some other ports for Kibana. 443 is also a port that's commonly open.

Ok thank you,

Don't work either :frowning:

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