Authentication Error After Configuring SSL

I'm trying to configure ssl and basic authentication in an Amazon EC2 instance. I've installed the elasticsearch, opened authentication by setting to true, and set a password to built-in users with bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive. It was working nicely, I could access to elasticsearch with my password without any problem. But when I configured the ssl to elastic, it started to not accepting the same password!

I can still access to the elastic if i disable the authentication with ssl. But i also need the authentication.

Moreover, I can authenticate with this curl with http protocol:
curl -u elastic ''

But when I use https, it's giving authentication error:
curl -u elastic ''

{ "type" : "security_exception", "reason" : "failed to authenticate user [elastic]", "header" : { "WWW-Authenticate" : [ "Bearer realm=\"security\"", "ApiKey", "Basic realm=\"security\" charset=\"UTF-8\"" ] } }

What's going on? Do you have any ideas? How can i fix it?

My yml settings below:


  • discovery.seed_hosts: []

  • discovery.type: single-node

  • true

  • true

  • /etc/elasticsearch/ssl/

  • /etc/elasticsearch/ssl/

Any suggestions here?

Found the problem. Just added certificate to the elasticsearch.yml and voila! It's working now.

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