AuthorizationException in Authorization header

I have a python service API that connects to an ES instance to query an index and return the query result.
I was previously using ES on the same local machine and everything was working great.
Due to disk space and memory issues I had to move the ES instance to AWS ES.
Now when I call my service API, I am getting the following error:

elasticsearch.exceptions.AuthorizationException: AuthorizationException(403, '{"message":"\'ABcde#FgHijklMNopQrs\' not a valid key=value pair (missing equal-sign) in Authorization header: \'Basic ABcde#FgHijklMNopQrs\'."}')

The request that is causing this error is as follows:
curl -XPOST https://<aws-es-instance>:443/my_index/_search

Any solutions for this error?

Continuing to the above, I have found out that the AWS ES URL does not need the port 443 to be provided to Authenticate the request.
Is there a way to instruct Elasticsearch config to not use the port when sending the authentication request?

Here is another update to the above.
I read about this exception in
There the user has mentioned that the exception was avoided by removing the Authorization header.
Can anyone tell me how I can remove this header when connecting to ES?

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