Auto acknowledgement to message from RabbitMQ

I have a logstash consumer which is reading messages from RabbitMQ queues through rabbitmq input. I want to speed up the delivery using auto acknowledgement = true . I have checked the logstash documentation for auto acknowledgement features. But there is nothing such auto ack attribute here.

How can i accomplish this features through logstash.

input {
rabbitmq {
host => "localhost"
queue => "MessageQueue"
durable => true
key => "MessageKey"
exchange => "MessageExchange"
exchange_type => "topic"
port =>"5672"
password => "rabbit"
auto_delete => false


Not sure exactly what you mean. What happens when you set ack => false in your rabbitmq input?

Thanks for quick reply. I have not set ack = > false as i think , it will make consumer to send no ack at all to RMQ.

Acknowledgement is basically a notification for RabbitMQ broker that a particular message has been processed and the broker doesn't need to worry about it anymore. In particular it shouldn't redeliver to message to this or some other consumer.

I am trying to achieve the above through logstash


The ack option selects whether explicit acks will be sent or if auto-acks will be used.

Awesome, i.e ack => false in the logstash configuration will make sure auto ack to true.

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