Auto Deletion of Old index

Hi community,
I am exploring the index lifecycle policy and auto deletion of an index. I have gone through the following link.

I have understood that we can create index template with policy where we can setup parameters like max_size , min_age for deletion for an index. And all the index with given index-pattern of the template obey that policy.

For our specific use case, We have defined index-pattern like (logs-test-*) in the template and our index are like (logs-test-2021.12.10, logs-test-2021.12.11, … , logs-test-2021.12.15). Is there any way to create policy or any setting in index template such that only the older index like (logs-test-2021.12.10) is deleted when total size of all index (logs-test-2021.12.10, logs-test-2021.12.11 … logs-test-2021.12.15) greater than some threshold lets say 20 GB.


That's not something that ILM can do, no.

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