Auto Fuzziness should be configurable


Currently in ES we have AUTO in fuzziness which basically restricts any token less than 3 to be exact match, token length in between 4-5 to have a match with fuzziness 1 and above 6 to have a match with fuzziness 2. I want to have it configurable wherein I can configure what character length to have 0 fuzziness and upwards from there.
I cam across Auto Fuzziness optional which basically gives the exact solution. But the issue is this is made available in 6.2 and above(yet to test in those env. and confirm), I have Elasticsearch 5.4.0 in production wherein I believe this functionality is not made available.
Is there any way by which I can overload the functionality in ES 5.4.0 by editing some lib files or by writing any plugin.
Any help in this regard will help.

Thanks in advance

Given that this was added as a feature I doubt there is any easy workaround. I would therefore recommend upgrading to a version that supports this, e.g. Elasticsearch 6.8.

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