Auto index creation with bulk API


I have these settings applied (ES version 1.7.5):

action.auto_create_index: false
index.mapper.dynamic: false

because I want to have full control over what indices/types are created.

But, still I get these in the logs:

[my_index] creating index, cause [auto(bulk api)], templates [], shards [6]/[1], mappings [mapping1]

which is problematic because now mapping1 is auto created based on the document indexed which is what I want to avoid.

Is there any more setting I can apply to get auto creation from bulk api disabled?

Please note that 1.7.x is now EOL and no particular code patches or bug fixes will be forthcoming.

Can you share how the above, mentioned modification was implemented? Please find this (v5.1.x) reference on if this is to be implemented on a per index or all indices basis.

Can you share how the above, mentioned modification was implemented?

I don't really understand what you're after here, but if you mean how this problem is encountered is like the following:

  1. A bulk request is issued and started
  2. In the middle of the bulk request, a delete index request is made
  3. Next item in the bulk causes ES is auto creating the index with auto mapping <--error

Where were these applied? In the Elasticsearch.yml or other?

Yes in elasticsearch.yml , on all nodes.

Using POST /indexname is a manual request, not an auto-create.

The only way to prevent indexes being created manually is to make the whole cluster read only:

I'm not issuing a POST /indexname request, i'm doing a bulk index request to an existing index and while doing it removing the index in question.

My solution was to simply close the index first and wait 10 seconds and then delete index. This to fail any existing bulk requests and get around problem with autocreate.

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