Auto populate data for next coming days

(Ritesh) #1

Hi All

I have data like this

Now based on the pattern i need to populate data for next 7 days

Is this possible with any Elasticsearch plugin or any logstash output plugin.
Please advice?

(Ritesh) #2

Is there any other ways of doing this.
I think this is common use case in any data analysis?

Please provide me some example, if someone has done this before....

(David Pilato) #3

I think that pipeline aggregation can help you but I don't have any example out of the box.

May be with some scripting?

@colings86 might have more ideas or examples?

(Ritesh) #4

I think i am doing predictive analytics

Since i am populating the future date data. I dont know what term to call predictive or pre-popultate data.
But thats what my requirement is fill those future data and create timeline chart.

Is this possible with any logstash plugin?

Or any sort of linear regression available with logstash?

(Colin Goodheart-Smithe) #5

The only prediction functionality we current have in Elasticsearch is with the Moving Average Aggregation. This is a very simplistic form of prediction but may be able to pick up the repetition you describe above. We would like to do more in this area but there are no firm plans for more aggregations that forecast data at the moment.

(system) #6