Auto redirect in the URL?

I noticed the kibana url was redirected to /app/kibana.

Is that a default configuration because I couldn't find where to change it?

Thank you.

Hey @meiyuan this can be changed using server.defaultRoute per

Thank you for the quick response!
My google search failed me completely. :slight_smile:

I have another observation that want to confirm.

I noticed I didn't see the intermediate 302 response code in our old version Elasticsearch/kibana cluster.

Thank you again!

Hey @meiyuan, I'm not aware of any recent changes for this behavior. Which version were you previously using, and is this a GET request for the very root / of Kibana?

The previous version was 5.2.
The latest version we are using is 7.1.
And yes, both GET requests are pointed to the root, something like this: (

Thank you.

In 5.2, the redirect was happening client-side instead of using a 302 from the root / per

Thank you again for all your help!

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